12. The Houseboat

We finally arrived in Alleppey and started a tour on a houseboat that’s gonna take us across the river to some villages. All for 10000 rupees to share, including dinner and breakfast. Life is good. …and now we’re spraying deodorant to try to kill the army of mosquitos that’s attacking the boat. Well, it didn’t…

11. Don’t stop till it’s over

Varkala, Kerala. Yesterday I stayed up till 3 AM talking to Mateus. About life, about India, Italy, Brazil. Maybe it was the beer, but we talked a lot and well, it was nice. It made me think that it’s kinda hard to have these sort of deep conversations with my friends from home. It made…

10. Expedition to the North

Taj Mahal, Agra Agra Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan   Jaipur, Rajasthan Monkey Temple, Jaipur Pushkar Pushkar Ganges River Haridwar Rishikesh Red Fort, New Delhi

9. the New Kid

A new kid arrived at the center today, Raja. He’s twelve. I saw him this morning and I didn’t quite realize he was a new boy and he was gonna stay at the orphanage from now on. I didn’t like him. I don’t know I got the impression that he was quite selfish and arrogant….

8. the Birthday function

Oddly experiencing good vibrations. It is like this. There are moments of struggle, suffocation, desire to escape. And then there are moments of pure enthusiasm. And excitement. And fascination. And thrill.

7. Tiruvannamalai

So that was some kind of a Monday. Long. Very long. Tiring. Fascinating. Weird. Cool. So many things at once.

6. the Neighbors

Today was slow, the morning and afternoon seemed like they just wouldn’t pass. But well, they did in the end.

5. the Healer

This morning Ramesh and Ramu drove me to a small village, around 45 minutes away from Tambaram. They were taking Abi, a little girl who had broken her arm, to a healer (yeah, correct, a healer. Apparently hospitals are too expensive here for this kind of stuff) and they said that I had to come along,…

4. the Family

Today I realized how much I need to appreciate what I have. For real. I am so lucky. I’ve got so much. So many things. And people. I wanna feel it. I wanna remember it. All the time. I wanna enjoy it. And be happy for it. I wanna know it. All the time. And these…

3. The Prayer

I saw the kids pray today, spontaneously. Which is quite amazing. They we praying, standing and singing for like a good half an hour. Not a clue what they were actually saying cause it was all in Tamil but still, that was something to witness you know. And they are so sweet. And generous. They…

2. The Streets

Ups and downs. There are moments when I feel so lost and alone and scared. And moments I’m so amazed and excited my mind can’t even process it.