The time a beer at 6 turned into an all night pub crawl

And yes, we recruited a bunch of Russian guys on the way. One of them even ended up sending me love emails, for some reason. I know, I am such an upstreamer that I give out  my email address instead of my phone number.   Advertisements

How to get an Uzbek Visa in Moscow

So in the spirit of solidarity to all travellers and future travellers who live in the lovely city of Moscow and are about to embark on the endeavor of getting a tourist visa to Uzbekistan, I’ve decided to share my experience and hopefully give some time-saving, stress-saving, trip-saving tips!

The time the party ended up on the Red Square

For the record, it was like 4 in the morning. I know it looks like plain daylight, but well, Moscow in May = sunrise at 3 AM. And no, I’ll never get used to it, it feels just as disturbing as the winter sunsets at 3 PM.

Operation Leningrad

So I am back in Moscow after a week in St. Petes and I know it’s hard to believe but the trees are finally in bloom! It looks like spring has finally arrived, which makes my return to Mordor.. ehm, Moscow, a bit sweeter. I have to say, before leaving for St. Petersburg my expectations…

Victory Day is coming

May 9th marks Victory Day, which this year also happens to be the seventieth anniversary of the end of the second world war, known to Russians as the Great Patriotic War. As I got to witness from the tanks’ exercises in the streets and a whole bunch of Victory Day gadgets that have appeared all over the city,…

The time I went to Kiev, by bus, from Moscow

It’s 6PM and I’m on the bus to Kiev. I still can’t believe I actually made it, for a minute I really thought I would miss it. Also, Google Maps lies, at least in Russia apparently.


So I came back to the dorm today and this is who I found in the hallway: And no, it was NOT an April Fools. Apparently the dorm administration decided to “disinfect” the whole building from god knows what, and well, hence the guy with the gas mask and the whole “contagion” outfit. Lovely uh?

The Stroll

So I was bored out of my mind these past few days, as I was kind of in a limbo, waiting to know when and if I could start my internship, waiting for my thesis adviser to reply to me, waiting for my boyfriend to know if he got accepted in the air force.. In…

The time I needed a medical certificate for work

I finally made it to the clinic, and by that I mean a real one where they would actually do what I needed and give me the freaking medical certificate for my internship. God I swear I was losing hope I was even gonna be able to get it, it was just so frustrating, I…


“I don’t know this is the right way, I’m too busy walking in a straight line, I don’t know if this is my way, I’m too dizzy living in another time”