Leaving New York never easy

It’s another bright day in NYC, I get dressed, enter the bar next to the hotel and get a coffee and something to eat for breakfast. I start walking down 7th avenue toward Penn Station and as I get there, Alice is standing right in front of the Pennsylvania Hotel. She is here! Finally somebody is coming back…


Times Square, Happy New Years! Fail 2011 bitches!

Merry Christmas

Put two Italians, two Brazilians, and an Argentinian in the flat of a Canadian on Christmas day and this is what you get!


Canteen dinners with the fam Don’t know about that one Or that one Or that one either.. When you’ve made friends with the classiest bartender ever And it’s Brazilian night! Faijoada for all And caipirinhas, obviously Christmas is coming! And finals too Karaoke is always a good idea

Thanksgiving in Chicago

It’s thanksgiving and the girls and I decided to spend it in the windy city, aka Chicago! So here we go, on the bus to New York City Some well deserved coffee before we head to the airport Chicago O’Hare! Here we are! I’ve never been a fan of skyscrapers and glass buildings, but Chicago…

The one day I actually visited Albany

It took me almost three months, but I did finally visit the city! Well, not that there is much to visit, but still. The Hudson River Empire State Plaza


Yes, you do get fat in college Studying for midterms, yes that happened too Go Great Danes!


And…. it’s Halloweekend! Yes, that’s right! Doesn’t matter which day of the week Halloween actually falls on, parties are gonna happen all weekend long anyways. And yes, you have to wear a different costume each night, obviously. Sorry dude The assassination of king George. All fiction, no worries The uncontested winners of the Halloweekend contest


Remember what I said about baseball? Well, that pretty much stands for football too. I mean, it’s not like I’ve actually managed to learn the rules or anything, so to me it still looks like a bunch of people running around and occasionally someone scores. Except that the players are hotter. So, hail to football!…

Road Trip to Boston, NYC & New Jersey

It’s Veterans day weekend so we have a few days off and decided to head on a girls road trip to Boston and New York. Plus it’s Giulia’s birthday and it’ll be great to celebrate in the city. So we rented a car, this car: Sweet uh? Yeah we’re cool, we know it First stop:…

the average Life of an Exchange student at an American college

#1: Beerpong #2: more Beerpong #3: Extracurricular: House parties #4: Peak hours spent on campus = Lunch and dinner at the canteen #5: Hey, there’s a pool with a fountain in the middle of campus, can’t let it go wasted #6: More beerpong #7: Beerpong casualties #8: Accidentally finding yourself at the library, how to cope.